The contribution of prolific landscape designers in Healdsburg in beautifying personal and corporate properties around town cannot be denied. Out of so many people that are interested in landscaping, only a few are very much sure about the important elements of the perfect landscaping. For instance, the use of stones and the perfect way of implementing top-notch rock designs can be tricky. However, it is evident that with proper planning and execution, you can create a beautiful space where you can hang out in evenings, or camp under the daylight.

Let us figure out some of the important tips that would help you while landscaping using rocks and boulders.

Small Rocks vs. Boulders: Which One is Better?

If you have been landscaping for quite a while now, you might be accustomed to using pebbles. Smaller stones are widely used for landscaping purposes, however, the usage of the same comes with a list of cons.

The first problem with the usage of small stones for landscaping is that they hinder the growth of several plants. For example, when you intend to plant tulips in your garden, small rocks generally pose an irritating problem. When using a lawnmower, stones can get into the device, causing the mower to start malfunctioning.

Another big problem that arises with the use of smaller rocks in your garden is its communication with your pets. If you have an energetic dog at your home, chances are high that it might try to dig up the stones. This surely makes the area appear messy. In today’s modern age, it’s time for some unique design, and using rocks and boulders can be a good idea.

Decide in Advance

You probably understand how much effort you have to put in to move the massive rocks once you have placed them in your garden. Therefore, it would be a wise idea to plan ahead of time, and point out the particularly suitable area for boulder establishment.

Having a foolproof plan would minimize a lot of problems in the future. You must ensure that these rocks are not hindering the drainage system of the garden. If this situation is not taken care of during the rainy season, stay ready to experience waterlogging.

Don’t Just Choose Any Shape and Size

Rocks come in many shapes and sizes, but that doesn’t mean you can choose anything that comes your way. Consult with a professional landscaping team, and ask for suggestions. Always keep certain principles in mind while choosing the perfectly shaped boulder for your garden.

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