Commercial & Residential

Landscape Construction

Thomas Landscapes is an extraordinary commercial and residential landscape construction company. Working closely with prestigious landscape architects, developers, and general contractors, we have the ability to build landscapes of any size and complexity.

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Landscape Design

Inside and Out Landscape Design is dedicated to altering the amount of time that you spend relaxing and interacting with nature…right outside your door. We create timeless, environmentally sensitive residential and commercial designs that will be beautiful for years to come.

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Landscape Maintenance

Landscaping companies in Santa Rosa

At Thomas Landscapes we view landscaping as an investment, and we take maintaining your property very seriously. Whether the scope of your property includes a corporate center, five-star resort, apartment complex, shopping center, residential subdivision…

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Cleaning Services

We know with today’s lifestyle it’s hard to get the chores done! That’s why we’re here. Let Thomas Cleaning handle the stress. We also have an extended network in contractors, landscaping, and design work! Anything you need done, we can do! Call today and let the stress go away.

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