Are you currently looking for the best residential landscape designers in Santa Rosa? Maybe you are looking to start a new project and can’t decide between using concrete or pavers for your garden. That’s why you conducted an online search on this topic, and ended up landing on our blog that helps explains to you the importance of pavers, and why you should choose them instead of concrete as a building material for your garden’s walkway.

There are multiple reasons to choose them, and here, we provide you a glimpse of all the potential benefits that you should avail, just by using pavers for your next domestic or commercial landscape project.

Concrete: How Far Can It Function?

In order to understand the benefits of pavers, we need to discuss the features of concrete as a building material. In this regard, it’s worth noting that concrete generally takes a day or two to dry. Therefore, when you use concrete to cover a particular surface, just be sure that you wouldn’t expect any immediate foot traffic on that specific area. And once the concrete settles and dries up, the chances are high that the concrete surface might develop cracks as a result of several environmental and man-made conditions, which might require an expensive repair process. Also, you must always consider the possibility of rain.

If your freshly applied concrete is exposed to rain, it will lose its elasticity and you might have to spend more money later to get it restored sooner than anticipated. These factors make concrete a poor choice when it comes to it as an option for your garden or backyard’s pathway when compared to pavers.

Why Must Pavers Be Your Priority?

Let’s shift our focus to pavers, and figure out why we recommend using pavers for your landscaping projects as the perfect replacement for concrete. One of the biggest advantages of using pavers is that they are ready to use. Once you hire some expert landscapers to install them in the desired area in your garden, these pavers aren’t likely to move an inch from their original position. Additionally, as soon as they are installed, you can let people travel on the pathways.

Therefore, make use of pavers. They are not only easy to install but are highly functional. As an added benefit, if someday you wish to reposition the pathway, it is a much simpler and achievable job since pavers only need to be relocated.

Thus, you should now have a clear understanding of why pavers are the perfect choice for your project. If you are in Santa Rosa and looking for the best residential landscape designers, consider calling Thomas Landscapes at 707-337-9847. We are here for you!