If you are currently searching for commercial landscapers near me, the chances are that you run a local business. It might also be possible that you own a dozen commercial properties, and are into real estate venturing. You wish to turn your commercial space into a magnificent example of gorgeous landscaping.

If you are tired of the outdated commercial landscape design that your architect presented you by default, we are here to give you new ideas. We give you some dependable ideas that can help you turn your commercial property into a scenic beauty. It’s finally time to capitalize on your landscaping, and improve your business relations. And trust us, your community will love it, especially your potential customers.

Install commercial lighting

If you are not sure why you should install lighting into your landscape, we can make things simple for you. Chances are high that you already have installed adequate lighting in the corridors as well as the pavement or path. Now adding some lights of other shades to your landscape would add a dimension to the space. It would not only look delightful but would also exude a sense of sophistication.

Mesmerize your guests by landscape lighting. Consult with your landscape designers, and make a plan that suits best to your property. After all, you have invested a considerable amount of money into building the landscape. Why keep it hidden in the dark?

Monitor your walkway pavers

The very first moment your clients walk in through your commercial property, they would observe how clean and sophisticated the walkways appear. The area must not only be clean but should also seem to be welcoming people with its adoring cheer.

Every business owner wants to conduct business with someone who takes his business seriously. If your commercial property is not well-maintained and designed with simplicity, how would you impress your customers? Don’t keep the stones and bricks broken, and let them hamper the overall textural appearance of your landscape. Pick the odd ones out, and replace them with the perfect ones.

Lawn and Garden Maintenance

What can be more sad than a gorgeous landscape with a bushy garden? We guess there aren’t many worse types of sceneries than an ill-maintained lawn. When you intend to design a garden that suits the personality of your business, ensure that you opt only for expert landscape maintenance services in Healdsburg, Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. Don’t try to do things on your own, and possibly make things worse.

A commercial landscape designer isn’t far away! Call Thomas Landscapes at 707-337-9847 for customized care for all your landscape needs.