Pest control is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to lawn maintenance. If spotted lanternflies invade the vegetation in your lawn then, years of hard work can go in vain. Worst cases are noticed when you have Ailanthus altissima trees in your garden. These trees provide a more favorable place for the pests to reproduce fast and furiously. If you wish to facilitate a clean and hygienic garden, then make sure you remove these plants from your backyard.

3 Steps to Eliminate Lanternfly

Gardening is a hobby that demands extensive patience and planning. Here are some of the necessary steps that can help to eradicate lanternfly from your garden space.

1. Remove the Eggs: Right during the arrival of fall and winter seasons, spotted lanternflies tend to lay eggs. Their characteristics permit them to produce massive amounts of eggs, enough for reproducing lawn destroying insects. It’s wise to inspect your entire garden and other spaces to figure out the presence of such eggs. Lanternflies are adaptable enough that they often lay eggs in unnoticed areas such as your vacant letterbox, corner of the garage, etc. Using sanitizer or rubbing alcohol for cleaning the affected areas would ensure the destruction of eggs before hatching.

2. Sticky Bands for Eradicating Nymphs: We guess you never considered the benefits of sticky bands apart from sticking to objects of vast importance. Lanternfly eggs tend to hatch during the spring and summer months. Since then, they generally transfer their habitat towards greener areas, which helps them in feeding. Figure out the areas invaded by these nymphs and wrap up space with sticky bands. This would keep the nymphs stuck and restrict them from getting nutrition. Hence, they would die before growing into adults.

3. Control the Situation Using Chemicals: Most of you are aware of chemical treatments used for destroying harmful insects. Lanternflies can prove to be harsh in case they are not monitored. While it’s difficult for household owners to get access to industrial chemicals, you can always opt for landscape designers in Healdsburg. Years of experience in combination with chemical treatment can help to treat your lawn.

Invasion of lanternfly can be harmful to the plants they feed upon and your overall garden space. If you don’t want your lawn to mess up then, the situation needs urgent attention. For professional assistance, you can always reach out to Thomas Landscapes in Healdsburg, California. For an immediate consultation, call them at 707-337-9847.