Heard about the concept of sustainable living? Following some important sustainable practices is not just a fashion or trend, but a lifestyle necessity which is essential for our today and tomorrow. There are three basic principles of sustainable living, i.e., chemical cycling, biodiversity, and the usage of solar energy. You too can adopt this lifestyle by recycling things around you, saving water, donating or reselling your stuff, reducing the household energy consumption, having a sustainable landscape, etc. Here, we have compiled some amazing tips on how to design a sustainable landscape.

Compost or Recycle – When you finish the process of mowing your lawn, leave the grass clippings on the lawn itself. This process is called grasscycling. The grass clippings have the tendency to decay at a faster rate releasing a lot of nutrients for the grass. Similarly, leave the leaves on the ground too.

Use Pots – If you have a limited lawn space, you can grow plants in your pots. You can use pots for growing herbs or vegetables. This can add up to the beauty of your lawn and can serve your green hobby as well!

Save Water – You must make sure that you do your best to conserve natural water. Make arrangements to collect or redirect the rainwater into the lawn directly. You can also collect it in a container, and can use it to water both, the pots and lawn.

Reuse Water – You have read about the benefits of conserving water for plants and lawn above. But did you ever realize that you could reuse the used water as well? This is an old practice where the household kitchen water is used for watering plants.

Replace Plants – If you find that some of your plants are demanding an excess amount of water, fertilizers, and labor, it is better to replace them immediately. This will not only save your money and time but will also emit less poison in the environment. You can get expert advice regarding this from residential landscape designers in Santa Rosa.

These are some simple tips for setting up your personal sustainable landscape. You must make sure that you minimize the wastage at every level and focus on reusing resources as much as possible. You can search the internet or consult an expert environmentalist to understand the various methods of sustainable living. For more details on sustainable landscape designing services, feel free to call Thomas Landscapes at 707-337-9847.