The idea of having beautiful green grass in your yard is just so enticing, isn’t it? This is a beauty every person dreams of. You must be aware that along with this beauty comes the endless maintenance processes and substantial investment in terms of money and time. If you are searching for an environment-friendly alternative that is more economical and less time-consuming, a ground cover is something you’d want!

Ground covers only have good things to offer, and can enhance the beauty of your yard, according to the top landscape designers in Healdsburg. Ground covers are basically made up from the perennials that have the tendency to spread and flourish naturally. Here are some of the surprising and amazing benefits of planting ground covers in your yard.

Environment-Friendly – Ground covers are very eco-friendly as they do not need excess water sprinklings, pesticides applying, and gas for maintaining their lush green color. It is a great grass alternative that can flourish on its own without harming the environment. The water saved can be utilized in far more productive activities.

Economical – When we talk about the total amount of fertilizers, water, pesticides, gas, etc. required to be invested in maintaining a grass lawn, the amount just gets added up. Ground covers will prove to be quite easy on your pocket. In case of any erosion, you can just lay a piece of ground cover, and it’s done!

Easy Maintenance – As mentioned earlier, ground covers are quite economical, and are also easy to maintain. All you might have to do is to cut off the excess vegetation that may grow up, once or twice in a few weeks. Ground cover can solve the problems of weeds as well and can look beautiful at the same time.

Prevent Weeds – Cleaning weeds is one of the most challenging tasks of maintaining a grass lawn. Generally, people use pesticides to stop the process of weeding in their yards. Well, a ground cover can solve this problem easily. You can use them in the empty spaces to prevent weeds from growing back.

The crux is, ground covers are safe, easy on your wallet, time-saving, and the beauty they offer is unparalleled. You can choose from a variety of flowering and scenting plants in this category that can give an enchanting design and texture to your landscape. The scented plants release soothing aromas and look great at the same time. If you like the concept of ground covers, call Thomas Landscapes on 707-337-9847 for more information.