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28 Oct 2021

Fire Resistant Plants to use when Firescaping

  This plant list should be used as a guideline when selecting proper firescaping design. Just because you want your property to maintain the highest level of defense against wildfire threats doesn’t mean it has to have primarily concrete with no lush vegetation or green space. With careful planning, skillful firescaping can greatly reduce your […]

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29 Sep 2021

Fire Resistant Landscaping In Northern California

Fire resistant landscaping is becoming increasingly important in California. Fortunately, there are easy steps you can incorporate into your landscaping to help ensure your home and business is as prepared as possible. Understanding how fire resistant landscaping can defend your home first from catching fire and, if it does begin to burn, preventing the flames […]

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03 Aug 2021

Drought Resistant California Plants And Landscaping

Landscaping in California has changed progressively over the past several years to accommodate the increase of extreme hot and dry weather conditions as well as the ongoing drought. Mandatory water restrictions and state officials are urging people to pull out their lawns in favor of drought-tolerant landscaping. Many drought-tolerant plants commonly found in nurseries come […]

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